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You are planning to come to Paris soon and would like to know what the capital has to offer these days. But now, when you open your browser to look for some cultural activities that could make you happy, you are suddenly buried under an avalanche of information, overwhelmed by the many choices offered and among which, alas, you will have to make a selection!

Paris is indeed full of exhibitions, museums, shows and attractions of all kinds to plunge you into a so tragic indecision. To avoid this unfortunate situation, Hotel Molière offers you a selection of activities not to be missed for the Spring-Summer 2022.


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Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th birthday

On this occasion, the park offers a whole series of shows celebrating the anniversary.
Starting from March 6
th, the theme will consist of a festive and retrospective exhibition of the past three decades. You will witness a return to the shows that have amazed the public: they call on classics such as the Lion King or Fantasia. The experience allows the little ones to enjoy the magic moment and their parents to meet again the characters who cradled their childhood.


A la rencontre du Petit Prince 


The first major French exhibition dedicated to the Little Prince takes place at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (107 rue de Rivoli, 1st arrondissementfrom February 17th to June 26th. Discover the contours of this masterpiece through more than 600 pieces on the author himself and his work.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, versatile character, aviator, inventor and writer, was inspired by a deep humanism, which also inhabits this masterpiece of literature.



Four centuries after Moliere's birth


We obviously cannot avoid mentioning the event that celebrates the man to whom our property owes its name. The 400th anniversary of Molière's birth (his baptism to be precise but no matter) is an opportunity for the Comédie-Française to stage an impressive number of plays from the repertoire of our national playwrighter until July 25th. Do not hesitate to ask for a reservation at our front desk! There are many choices among the plethoric offer that Molière has left us.

In addition to these three important events, we also suggest a list of cultural events that could arouse your curiosity:
  • Notre-Dame de Paris: The Augmented Exhibition (Collège des Bernardins, Paris 5th, from April 7th to July 17th). An expanded exhibition that pays tribute to the history of the cathedral through an immersive experience where the visitor, equipped with a tablet, can trace in augmented reality the entire adventure of the cathedral from its construction to the present day.
  • Machu Picchu and the Treasures of Peru (Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris 16th, from April 16th to September 4th) presents a collection of more than 190 exhibits, most of them are from the royal tombs. The treasures of the pre-Columbian civilization are brought together for an extraordinary and immersive experience.
  • On the road to the chiefdoms of Cameroon (Musée du Quai Branly, Paris 7th, from April 5th to July 17th) is an exhibition dedicated to the visual symbolism used by traditional political institutions in western Cameroon.
  • Photographies en guerre (Army Museum, Paris 7th, from April 6th to July 24th) invites you to retrace the history of war photography.
  • Faces of Exploration in the 19th Century (BnF, Paris 13th, from May 10th to August 21st) revisits the colonial 19th century through the archives of the Geographical Society (Société de Géographie). 
  •  Up to space (Air and Space Museum, Le Bourget, from June 14th to August 27th) will make you discover the conquest of space through interactive and immersive experiences. The museum also has activities dedicated to young people. Highly recommended for families.
  • Palomano City (125 Boulevard Jean Jaurès, Clichy, permanent) is a monumental space where realistic sets of adult life have been reproduced, but on a child-size. Doctors, firefighters, pilots... your child will be able to experience the city as a group in a life-size role-playing game. From 3 years and up.
  • Jochen Lempert (Centre Pompidou, Paris 4th, from May 18th to August 29th) the German photographer exhibits here his work between natural sciences and dreamlike.
  • Gaudí (Musée d'Orsay, Paris 7th, from April 12th to July 17th) looks back on the work of the Catalan artist, from his beginnings, with particular emphasis on his creative process.
  • Eugène Leroy (Paris Modern Art Museum, Paris 16th, from April 14th to August 28th) presents a retrospective of the artist with more than 150 paintings and drawings on display.
  • Tatiana Found (Centre Pompidou, Paris 4th, from June 8th to August 22nd), winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2007. The artist exhibits here unpublished works, with fantastic outlines.

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