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Winter is ending and the need to stay home, away from unfriendly temperatures ends with it. Hence the desire of travelling, going out, reconnecting with the world and, perhaps, the Parisian culture wins you over. The Molière hotel has selected for you a series of events not to be missed in the capital city for the period of March, April and May 2023.




The cross exhibition, at the Musée d'Orsay from March 28th to July 23rd, draws a parallel between the two leading painters of French Impressionism. Retracing the decades from 1860 to 1880, not only the pieces highlight the technical analogies and formal distinctions between the two characters, but they also show the different approaches that the two painters had towards the environment, their careers and Paris, at the end of the 19th century.


Paris, the gastronomic capital

If there is one area where France is placed in the Pantheon of nations, it is gastronomy. In order to flatter our national ego, we can only suggest this exhibition at the Conciergerie from April 13th to July 19th. It looks back at the relevance of the Art of the Table in Paris from the Middle Ages to the present day. You will find paintings, illuminations and also menus of the time.


Toutatis’ festival at Asterix Adventure Parc

Next spring, the park will open a new area of ​​more than 3 hectares. The theme is the Carnutes forest where the Gauls of the irreducible village honored their gods. In its center a statue of Toutatis. A new rollercoaster, also named Toutatis, is the centerpiece of this new area. With its 51 meters high and 110 km/h, the new attraction will be the highest and fastest roller coaster in France.


Other suggestions for the period:


- Neo-Romantics, a forgotten moment of modern art 1926-1972 (Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris 16th arrondissement, from March 8th to June 18th) highlights the contemporary artists who favored a return to figuration and questioned the abstraction of the period.


- Beautiful escapes, the surréalisme au féminin (Musée de Montmartre, Paris 18th arrondissement, from March 31st to September 10th) traces the relationships between women artists, scholars, and the surrealist movement of their time.


- The invention of printing, 1450-1520 (National Library of France site François Mitterrand, Paris 6th arrondissement, from April 12th to July 16th) returns to this necessary moment of modernity by presenting pieces of the first printed documents and their technical evolution over time.


- Sarah Bernhardt (Petit Palais, Paris 8th arrondissement, from April 4th to July 2nd) talks about the whole life of the actress starting from the portrait of Georges Clairin, centerpiece of the exhibition and one of the masterworks of the Petit Palais.


- Degas en noir et blanc (National Library of France, Richelieu site, Paris 2nd arrondissement, from May 30th to September 3rd) highlights the interest that the artist had for black and white, an inusual aspect among the Impressionists of his time.


- Norman Foster (Centre Pompidou, Paris 4th arrondissement, from May 3rd to August 7th) ​​presents the work of the internationally renowned British architect through drawings, models, prototypes and workbooks.


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